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National Moth Week - Moth Day July 24, 2015

25 visitors turned out for our first Moth Day event. Thanks for coming! While a great time was had, very few moths showed up. One reason is that our Alaska moths are mostly still in the caterpillar and pupae stage in July! But we did our best to attract them and our intrepid group found a few. We will try again in September when moths are more prevalent! Stay tuned for Moth Day part II! Thank you to Kath Daly for telling us about National Moth Week and for leading this program! Christine Huff and Barbara Logan photos.

A photo collection of moths and moth caterpillars previously seen in Fairbanks

Checking our nets...

Anything down there?

Not a moth... lots of these ladybird beetles were spotted eating aphids...

Also not a moth... Wasp eating sweet droppings from the aforementioned aphids.

Success! A few moths were found, including this pupa of some type of Birch Leaf-roller Moth.

Moth Cake

Moth treats

The end of a fun moth hunt day!

National Moth Week Event!

Did you know that this is National Moth Week? The Fourth Annual National Moth Week 2015, July 18-26, Celebrates Hawk Moths - "It’s a bird, it’s a bee … no, it’s a hummingbird moth!" Citizen scientists will be looking for the fascinating hummingbird moth and its relatives in the Sphingidae family this summer as the fourth annual National Moth Week is observed across the U.S. and around the world. It celebrates the beauty, life cycles, and habitats of moths. Come join us! We will be celebrating this event on Friday July 24th with cake and punch from 7 - 9 pm. We will be putting up lights and bait to see what Moths we can attract! Come join the fun and learn something about the Moths in interior Alaska!

This document was last modified on: May 17, 2017